Turn your Android Phone into a MIDI Controller

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Powerpacked Drumpad


88 Keys Keyboard


Assignable Faders

XY Touchpad

2 XY Touchpad


Chord Arpeggiator


8 Assignable knobs

Program Change

Program Changer

Connecting to a Midi Receiver

Connect your phone to your computer via USB.

On your Android Device

  • Go to Android Settings > Select USB Configuration > select MIDI.
  • Turn on the App -> Select MIDI port in the drop dwon

In your DAW (MIDI Receiver)

  • In you daw go to Controller settings and your phone should now show as a selectable MIDI device.
  • Now your DAW is configured to receive MIDI

See Detailed Instruction for Connecting

This app lowers down the cost of music production for Indie music developers and professionals alike

Barry Andersen, Music Producer, NZ

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