pocketMIDI: MPE surface for Android

pocketMIDI - MPE Device for Android

Your “Pocket MIDI” now features a MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) enabled expressive control surface that lets you take advantage of multiple dimensions of touch.

Each Note Is sent on an Individual Channel allowing each note to be articulated separately.

Each finger’s left/right position (pitch bend) and forward/backward position (timbre) is continuously sensed.All fingers are sensed polyphonically. This also means that you can experience vibrato effect by slightly vibrating your fingers as you would do on a guitar or a violin string. So each note in your music has an independent expressive channel.

MPE Controls

  1. Panic Button – Sends NoteOff message for all active fingers
  2. MPE settings button – lets you select MPE Zone and decide pitch bend sensitivity
  3. Octave Changer
  4. Menu Toggle

MPE Capable Synths

The MPE surface is best experienced with MPE enabled synths. This page from ROLI links to a list of synth audio plugins that are compatible with MPE devices.

Surge is an excellent free MPE enabled synth that you can use with the pocketMIDI MPE surface. To harness the power of Surge synth with pocket MIDI MPE Surface , take a look at the following quick tutorial.

 Tutorial on using Surge with pocketMIDI.

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